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Trends in Movie Making

Indie trends in new formats, distribution method and buzz generation. Trends generate opportunities for creativity and revenue!

Are Demographics replacing Genres?
Storytelling is a community function -- and movie marketing is about building your career around a community of fans.

MTV buys Atom Films for Gaming and Broadband Content
With the addition of Atom's gaming sites, MTV Networks will become a leading force in casual gaming,and broadband multimedia offerings

MTV Networks acquires IFILM
MTV Networks acquires iFILM, a leading aggregator and distributor of video online

Digital Cinema Trends from Kodak
Preshow material is expanding with sophisticated digital production and projection systems by Kodak.

MoveOn looks for 30-second Obama ad submissions
Submit a 30-second Obama ad that gets viewed by millions online

Latino Crossover Movies Ready for Breakout
While the demand for Latino product is strong, the marketing lags.

Creating Your Home Theater / Entertainment System
The home entertainment theater is blossoming with not only access to DVDs and CDs and digital high definition television, but with equipment that brings increasing quality to the home leisure market.

New Media Distribution Players 2005
New movie formats and channels revolutionize indie distribution

Inflatable movie screens go anywhere!
Take your video experience outdoors! It's now possible for home theaters and outdoor festivals with inflatable movie screens and professional sound equipment.

UCLA Extension is THE place for lifelong learners to hone their entertainment craft
UCLA Extension is where you network and learn with today and tomorrow's entertainment pros -- writing, production and business.

SACRED BLOODS: Upload Your Script to Build Fans
Build loyalty for genre films with special marketing process and high-profile fan-enticing promotion.

Mobile Comic Books For Your Phone
Wireless comics on your mobile-phone is the 'horseless carriage' of our time.

Music sidelines become hot items for music producers.
Music sidelines become hot items for music producers.

Shifting Baselines video contest - 2006
Video contest to preserve our oceans -- submit your 60 second promo.

Jackson Hole Tech Symposium - Los Angeles Oct-06
Industry leaders and technology shakers make sense of the issues independent filmmakers need to know in order to thrive in the new media landscape.

Google tests ad-supported video
Google adds ads to online movie content

Agent DVD is new sci-fi, horror, fantasy comic mag
2006 marks the launch of a new fan magazine and website.

1:3 High Def spawns 3 channels for the price of 1
While the theatrical market might be drying up -- the alternative media is heating up. Where there's change -- there's opportunity.

HD Network debuts in Octomber 2006
HDNet with Mark Cuban and Philip Garvin is the first HD television network.

Cinemuse brings HD programming to non-traditional theaters
Museums, universities, arts centers and science centers use HD technology to present CineMuse documentaries, movies and other programs to their audiences.

AFI American Film Institute is a reeling force
AFI offers a wide variety of educational and outreach opportunities for filmmakers not only in Los Angeles, but around the country.

iPODs for Video Have Arrived
Portable cd/dvd players are getting competitive

Artivist film festival and org to promote environmental and social film
ARTIVIST promotes use of the power of media responsibly by providing a platform to socially conscious filmmakers and artists

Social Responsibility at the Studios?
Production, financing and distribution assistance for nonprofits who want to produce feature films about burning social issues...

FILM2MUSIC intriguing creative contest
Contests have gone's the Film2Music example.

Movie Industry Pollution -- How can we think ahead?
Entertainment industry can reduce pollutants in several ways...

Sundance features the innovators and innovations on the cutting edge of the environmental revolution
Sundance and Scout launch a series about green innovators.

Sundance Channel GREEN - the first environmental TV proramming channel
Kudos to Sundance Channel for launching the first US TV channel with regularly-scheduled programming about the environment.

Visa Contest for Filmmakers: 'Life Takes' International Campaign
Visa sponsors contest...and exorbitant late fees and interest rates...think about it!

Climate Change Eco-spot Contest
Climate Change Eco-spot Contest offers music and video starter elements...intriguing idea

Spot Runner + Stars + Mobile, etc. = High Quality Opportunity
60Frames will finance Internet video productions from established talent, then distribute clips through a series of outlets, including peer-to-peer networks, Web portals and emerging channels like mobile.

Alternate Reality Gaming Network Reports News of ARGs
The Alternate Reality Gaming Network is the largest and most complete news resource

New Environmental TV/PC Video Opportunities
Environmental video is hitting the byte-waves. Here are some up an coming green video connections.

Product Placement hits Online/Mobile Shows with Tide!
Corporate-sponsored shows and shorts making their way to the Internet channel

MacArthur Foundation has Committed $2 million to Digital Media and Learning Program
Digital media research to identify how digital media is affecting our youth's ways of learning.

Is User-Produced Video Losing its Appeal?
Amateurs give way to's the time to be part of the real business wave of online video

If You Can't Afford the Fine -- Don't do the Crime
Legal battles over copyright and business practices harm everyone...including the flow of an industry that supports creative innovation

Pangea Day - May 10, 2008 for World Peace
Pangea Day films will celebrate the universal experience of connecting around the campfire!

Blue-ray Disc Wins the High Definition Format Marketplace
Blu-ray Disc is the new Hi-def standard.

Market Your Video by Internet
New video revenue and distribution opportunities are developing on the Internet -- keep pace!

Investors Put $10 Into Your Band - And the Band Raises $5,000
SellaBand for Music recording fundraising with grassroots business platform

Short Form and Long Form Content Publishing with DRM Rights Management
Adobe introduction of new rights management features in Adobe Media Player

OnHollywood 2008 will take place June 10-12, 2008 in Hollywood, CA.
The first annual Broadband Rights Marketplace (BRIM) at OnHollywood.

Disney To Produce Nature Documentaries for Global Market
Nature documentaries cross borders much more easily.

Breathe LA Film Contest for Young Filmmakers
Southern California film students are invited to submit 30- and 60-second PSAs for BREATHE LA.

Political Message for California CONTEST, DUE May 1, 2008
Democrats request 30-second videos for TV campaign about California budget priorities.

Web 2.0 Displaces Traditional Movie Industry Distribution
Internet sharing busts the cocoon of traditional movie industry production and distribution

From Artist to CEO - New Biz Model for Talent
A new business model is sprouting for ARTISTS, actors, writers, etc.

Make Things Happen ... Beyond Internet and Documentaries
Issues form the core around which you can make things happen provides a hub of networking tools for actors, directors, crew and producers to connect for filmmaking, video, stage and related jobs.

Online Video Advertising Trends 2009-2010
Online video gross media spend totaled $2.12 billion in 2008, up 36% vs. 2007, and is forecast to continue double-digit increases through 2010 at a moderating rate

Netflix and Xbox 360 Stream Movies on game machines
Netflix and XBox Live partner to delivery streaming movies and TV programs to gamers.

Television Goes High Def...and 3-D, Well...Maybe
Television is changing, and so should your production plans. High def is HOT! 3-D...well???

Movie Trailer Mashup Resources
Movie trailer mashups are a fun new way to promote your indie movies ... and music!

It takes guts to be a first follower
Leading takes courage. So does being a first follower. But the rewards can be tremendous!

Females Sag on Screen and Behind Camera
Women in film face uphill challenges for equity.

The Science of Hollywood Blockbusters
The 1/f fluctuation is a concept from chaos theory, and it means a pattern of attention that occurs naturally in the human mind.

California once again near bottom ...
How can we make our communities better with our messaging tools?

The 3D Supply Chain is Blossoming
Home entertainment is breaking the 2D barriers in 2010 with 3D movies to drive 3D equipment sales.

Hulu Breaks Records
New platforms, new players and new content forms are remodeling the entertainment sector in every structural niche. Just watch us now!

Gulf Environmental Impact Study -- Exemption!
"The Interior Department exempted BP's calamitous Gulf of Mexico drilling operation from a detailed environmental impact analysis last year, according to government documents, after three reviews of the area concluded that a massive oil spill was unlikely."

BOR Futures launched for for trading in box office receipt futures
When an industry becomes a "futures derivative investment opportunity, talking with family and friends about projects, might need to change. Beware.

Generate new business at the Toy, Game and Technology Summit
Leaders from the toy, video game and technology industries network for in-depth discussion, cross-industry networking and the opportunity to generate new business.

High Drama of Watching Plants Grow :-)
New architectural innovator takes urban plantings to new heights ... literally!

Vidiots Opens Film Studies in Santa Monica
Finding a small space for private showings -- or studying informally is available at Vidiots in Santa Monica.

Print + Augmented Reality + Smart Phone
= The NEW Magazine!

Magazines are exploding with digital strategies and this Augmented Reality feature explores not just one, but several advances into possibilities that link print and mobile capabilities.

Movie-Watching Companions & Experiences Matter

DNA US Conference 2012 : New Interactive Frontiers in Leisure Facilities Innovative Digital Interactive Experiences
DNA/US, which will be held Oct. 2-3 in LA. The event will include a session on "New Models of Interactivity in Movie Theaters"

Brain research explore frequencies of brainwave activity
Like the science of message making? Brain research can provide you with new insights into perception, communications and messages that bring meaning to our art.

President Obama’s Mother, Ann Dunham, Movie Optioned
Ann Dunham was the mother of President Barach Obama and Maya Soetoro-Ng who carry forward the values and knowledge they received from their pioneering mother.

$5 Outdoor Summer Screeners from the Academy
Outdoor movie tickets are $5 for the general public and $3 for students and Academy members

Storytelling in New Generations of Media - Museum Style
Museums find new ways to tell history's stories using new technologies

P2P Movie File Sharing
P2P downloading of music and video files is a growing technological delivery channel for movie marketing.

Audio Podcasting
Mp3 and handheld receivers are transforming traditional radio and television program delivery. Marketers are challenged to keep pace.

Reports and Resources
Industry resources such as jobs, special reports, databases and magazines about movie marketing.

Detailed Market Analysis of Cinemas, Film Production and Distribution in China and Hong Kong
Research and Markets has announced the addition of Cinemas, Film Production and Distribution in China and Hong Kong

Extra Profit From Your Movie
The cross-pollination of opportunities can help you tap new market niches, or turn your product into addition revenue streams.

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