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UCLA Extension is THE place for lifelong learners to hone their entertainment craft

Every industry has it's "center" and Los Angeles has been the entertainment center for movies for decades. With global outsourcing of movie production (ie: runaway production), Los Angeles has ramped up its television and digital media business profile. So...does Los Angeles also have a lead in entertainment education? You bet!

Not only are there numerous private schools, discussion groups, workshops, and expos for entertainment writing and production...and producing, but one source stands out above all the rest for continuing education in all the conversations I'm privy to. UCLA Extension. This is where you not only learn, but network with today and tomorrow's pros.

Here's the skinny:

UCLA Extension’s Department of Entertainment Studies and Performing Arts provides dynamic and comprehensive certificate programs in Film, Television and Digital Entertainment Media; the Business and Management of Film, Television and Digital Entertainment Media; the Music Business; Songwriting; Recording Engineering; and Film Scoring.

Each year the department offers more than 500 courses taught by industry professionals and guest speakers including award-winning filmmakers; musicians; and top studio, record label, gaming, wireless, mobile and interactive media executives. UCLA Extension schedules daytime, evening, weekend and online courses – perfect for part-time and working students.

The Writers’ Program’s comprehensive writing curriculum is taught by over 250 professional screenwriters, fiction writers, playwrights, poets, nonfiction writers, and experts in allied fields. In over 500 courses annually, they bring practical experience, theoretical knowledge, and a wide variety of teaching styles and philosophies to their classrooms. The Writers' Program's open admissions policy and supportive atmosphere ensure that all students, whether they seek to write only for themselves or as professionals, are inspired and guided to create their best work.

Visit or call (310) 825-9971 for more information about programs from UCLA Extension.

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