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SACRED BLOODS: Upload Your Script to Build Fans

Genre movies build a special relationship with their niche markets -- their fans. And that relationship building process is broadening and morphing as the genre market grows.

Take early involvment of potential fans, for instance. No longer is the story of a genre film a secret until opening day. With many genre productions distributed directly on DVD, producers are using every means possible to attract people. Many genre plots are mundane, but fans flock to them anyway because of other factors: they like (or feel they know) the actors, they like to see new, fun movie making techniques. Or they want to see new twists on an old, familiar story. That's what legends have always provided the human tribe.

A new indie coming out, "Sacred Bloods", demonstrates this early relationship-building process.

First, the producer builds a viable project with a quality script and starts the buzz machine:

"Sacred Bloods," written by another Oklahoma native Oscar Ray, has received positive international buzz in both Indie and Studio circles and has been called the "best and most original vampire movie script in years."

Second, the producer adds appealing elements.

Oklahoma City native, "The Fantastic Ford" Ford Austin, is on the verge of becoming an "eight year overnight success". Ford who currently resides in LA., had a stellar 2005. Voted by Indiewood Reporter, "Ultra indies Sexiest Male Star", the cross between superstar Colin Farrell and cult hero Bruce Campbell successfully sold Fox Television the reality TV show idea "Judge By Jury." A deal that netted him, as he puts it "a tidy sum". His comedy creation, "Cerebral Print," is currently being distributed nationally and he is presently producing and starring in "The Wright Stuff." A series of fictional stories about the Wright Brothers as superheroes.

JA Steel has signed on with Darkwood Productions and Angry Baby Monkey Pictures to co-star in the action horror film �Sacred Bloods.� The independent production of a vampire saga spans a period from Ancient Rome to the present.

Then they tell the industry about new developments with news to the industry and online movie media. SACRED BLOODS - JA Steel (THE THIRD SOCIETY, THE SECRET FILES) has signed on with Darkwood Productions and Angry Baby Monkey Pictures to co-star in the action horror film SACRED BLOODS. The independent production of a vampire saga spans a period from Ancient Rome to the present, following uneasy vampire allies in a quest to find two ancient artefacts with the power to turn day into night, ultimately giving vampires dominion over the Earth. The fast paced horror thriller laden with action will also star Ford Austin, Peter Zhmutski and Oscar D. Ray. Filming of SACRED BLOODS is scheduled to begin in Oklahoma, Texas and Arkansas beginning April 24, 2006. Visit the website at: And they announce something very appealing to the audience: availablility of the script (or a tantalizing portion of it) online.

Ray, who will also direct the movie, released the first 90 pages of the script onto the worldwide web to see what response he would get from diehard vampire movie fans. A move some of his advisors thought risky. "I would probably be worried if it was the only idea I had, but I have over 300 hundred original movie ideas sitting in a drawer at my office. Stealing my idea now would be like stealing the "Underworld Evolution" script. It is already out there and everyone knows who wrote it. Besides these are the people that will probably go see it. Their overwhelming enthusiasm for the script means a lot to me. It tells me we are on the right track and it is a great way to build an audience for the movie. With an exciting script and actors of Ford's caliber we have a chance to make something really special".

You can download the 90 pages of this intriguing project at:

And then they build audience awareness and loyalty through showing the film at targeted film festivals and tell the world about it through channels such as

Mark your calendar and plan to attend the 7th annual Bare Bones International Film Festival & Movie-Biz Conference -- April 17-23, 2006 Muskogee Downtown Roxy Theatre-3rd & Okmulgee, Muskogee Civic Center-4th & Okmulgee Ave. All along this marketing pathway, fans are developed in crucial niches: the industry, which includes key talent, production team members, and the media; potential distributors...and of course the movie going public.

Give them good wholesome appetizers -- and they'll come back for some of that Oklahoma beef! You get the drift! :-)

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