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Cinderella is Sprinkled with Pixie Dust!

Buena Vista is pulling out the plastic stops for their launch of "Cinderella" with 250 new movie-themed products!

Can you say "merchandising"?

A pricessn' ransom of related products from themed clothing, toys, home products and stationery, cereal, bandages and even a themed child-safety seat promotion in conjunction with our very own dear government are being whipped up as though a magic want were at work.

And these aren't necessarily trinkets and trash. Consider a signature Swarovski choker. How about a light-up frock? This is the largest universe of new products Disney has ever launched with a DVD release.

And it's not even a new movie! I guess it's a new generation of hungry rags to riches dreamers. "Cinderella" made its last theatrical appearance in 1987, and was released on VHS in 1995. The new disc set features digitally restored audio and video and of course, a generous sprinkling of bonus features.

Now we move into the real world of the unreal. A visit with a fashion designer. An interview with a real life princess, and a video trip to the magical world of where else -- Hollywood!

And then there are the marketing tie-ins. "Extgreme Home Makeover" is creating the ultimate princess room. And ancillary products include a "paint inspiration card' so you can match your little princess' color scheme the easy way -- with the magic wand of merchandising, you see.

Buy what does Joe Namath and ESPN have to do with the Cinerella story? Is this taking marketing tie-ins a bit too far? Was Cinderella an athelete? Hmmm, I guess when I think real hard, I have to admit that running with one shoe is a real feat of atheletic talent.

Do I sound just a bit cynical? Sorry, the pixie dust hasn't reached my house yet! I grew up surrounded by brothers and have a son -- no the magic of Cinderella just never quite did its magic on me. Mothers and fathers of daughters, please forgive my jaded upbringing in the world of make believe! :-)

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