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Explore the 4Ps to discover the secret powers of P!

DISTRIBUTION TIPS for Independent Film, Video and more

Independent Distribution Tips for Film, Video and more

Take a bite out of an APPLE!
Non-traditional film venues can provide great local locations of local indie series

No Shame Theater and Shorts Festival - Cooperative Exhibition
Movie short marketing for creative talent. Get it seen! Cooperative exhibition.

Sneak Previews for Friends, Families, Neighbors, Coworkers and Fellow Producers
Hold sneak previews to kick off your viral marketing campaign.

DVD and VHS Movie Genre Share, April 2005
Here are the DVD and VHS list of overall market share, by genre

AMC Select launched to screen indie films
AMC Theatres has created AMC Select, a year-round program booking independent and studio specialty division films

How to organize a film/video screening
Screenings are vital parts of film and video marketing. Networking is important and an ongoing series of screenings can deliver high visibility to your project.

BlipTV renamed & Distributes shorts to mobile markets
Short comedies are hot for cell phone distribution... check out

Film Festivals Vary in Marketing Strategy
Festivals aren't all created equal! Especially from a marketing perspective. Take a look at a few unusual festival strategies that could offer marketing potential for you.

CineMuse distributed HD about Physical Sciences
CineMuse, distributor of North America's largest library of quality high definition content to cultural venues

Carolyn Allen in the Bloomberg
Carolyn Allen, Movie Industry Marketing publisher, quoted in Bloomberg about social issue marketing

AFM - American Film Market in Santa Monica 2007
With 8,000 attendees, 900 screenings, and seminars programmed by leading industry organizations, at the American Film Market

Test the viral video collection for revenue opportuinties

Internet Marketing is Budget-Wise for Indie Promotion and Sales
MidTen Media, Inc. has been a major online marketing service since 1999

Environmental Media Fund Helps Connect Creatives with Earthly Messages and Resources
The environmental movement has reached an opportune inflection point for broad-based change -- here are resources to help you tell the environmental story.

Latino Independent Producers Provide Opportunities
National membership organization that addresses the professional needs of Latino/Latina independent producers.

Upload Your Video to 35 Video Hosts
Submission of video is the key to building search engine traffic in 2008

THE GUILD is example of the new Online Financing and Distribution Model on YouTube
The Guild is a successful webisode with millions of hits and fan support on YouTube

Character And Morality In Entertainment -- CAMIE awards
Encourage the production and awareness of outstanding, uplifting, and entertaining motion pictures with positive role models

VideoRetailer Launches Free Classified Ad Placements
Advertise your commercial video projects to independent video retailers with a free classified ad.

Independent Film Retailers Hold California Regional Tradeshow in April 2008
Indie Fest West tradeshow brings receptions, table top tradeshow, meetings with studio folk, seminars and presentations to California.

Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles
Multicultural films are growing...and Los Angeles hosts a festival just for Indian films

New Venue for Movie Promotion ... Apple Stores!
Find untraditional venues to promote your indie -- think apple!

Non-profit documentary production company offers fiscal sponsorship
Funding for independent documentaries and films from Independent Production Fund

Cutting an Effective Indie Trailer
Trailers are your best viral marketing tool ... both making it great...and disributing it where it matters. Here are tips for both.

Film's Digital Future is Green
How digital tools and methods, cutting waste, renewable energy, and improving the value of your message can strengthen your long term sustainability as a competitive company.

YouTube Finds a Revenue Model in 2010
Key movie distribution players support Google's new revenue model of VOD digital media streaming.

YouTube User-generated Video Revenue Models
YouTube is exploring new revenue models for user generated video.

Claiming Your Video in Google for Search Traffic
Attributions for video need to be included in the link code to enhance search results and provide proper credit for the producers.

Producers Guild of America to Hold Annual 'Produced By Conference' June 8-10 2012
The Producers Guild of America (PGA) announced that the 2012 Produced By Conference (PBC) will be held June 8-10, 2012 on the Sony Pictures Studio lot in Culver City, CA.

PART 1: Distribution Profile of Festivals
(Part 1 of 2) Practical tips for making a marketable film and marketing that indie film to distributors.

PART 2: Indie Distribution and the Career Factor
(Part 2 of 2) Building bridges between indie distributors and producers -- secret to marketing success.

Calendar of Film Markets
Calendar of film and ancillary product markets and tradeshows

Unit Photography Creates Marketing Gold
Production stills are the building blocks of your marketing success.

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