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Articles to help us create a window to the world for families who want quality education, entertainment and enlightenment for children age 2-18.

Comic books tag along with movies -- and you can too!
Planetwide Games Announce 'Barnyard' Comic Book Creator Interactive Entertainment Software

Washington DC Environmental Film Festival in the Nation's Capital
Is film political? If you have a message to get to the DC crowd, this might be a good venue to consider.

Select Distributors for Family, Kid and Nature Genres
Family Distributors, Kid Genre Distributors, Nature and Outdoor Distributors

Marketing Strategy for the Kid Niche
Kids represent an important demographic to marketers because they have their own purchasing power. How do we respond effectively and responsibly?

Special Issues for Marketing to Young Children
Our role in society is that of "artist" and it carries with it a weighty and lengthy heritage of provocative thought and caring values.

Green Planet Films for nature and environmental films AND events
Green Planet Films distributes nature and environmental films from around the globe.

Filmmakers for Conservation
This British organization, Filmmakers for Conservation, offers a variety of helpful programs for wildlife production companies.

The Wildscreen Festival - International wildlife and environmental film festival
The Wildscreen Festival is an international wildlife and environmental film festival in Bristol, UK.

Hazel Wolf Environmental Film Network
A forum for filmmakers, environmental activists, educators, government, scientists, students, business leaders, and concerned citizens to come together to discuss new issues and ideas about our culture and environment.

GreenTreks Network for environmental media
Environmental stories told through high quality television documentaries, how-to videos, web programs, radio documentaries and print media

The Artivist Film Festival and Distribution
Artivist is an international activist film festival dedicated to addressing Human Rights, Children's Advocacy, Animal Rights and Environmental Preservation through Film, Visual Arts and Music.

Wild and Scenic Environmental Film Festival
Wild and Scenic Environmental Film Festival includes environmental and adventure features, narratives, documentaries, animation and shorts for possible screening in the festival.

Earth Vision International Environmental Film and Video Festival
EarthVision International Environmental Film and Video Festival presents 3 days of environmental films

Planet in Focus Film Festival
Planet in Focus is an annual film and video festival that showcases and promotes all genres, focusing on environmental themes and subjects by Canadian and International filmmakers

The Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival
The Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival (FLEFF) is a one week multimedia extravaganza that covers the environment and sustainability as a global conversation, embracing issues ranging from labor, war, health, disease, music, intellectual property, fine art, software, remix culture, economics, archives, AIDS, women’s rights and human rights.

EarthDance Film Festival - short attentsion span environmental film festival
EarthDance Short-Attention-Span Environmental film festival at the Oakland Museum of California emphasizes the joy, beauty, humor, and hope found in the environment.

Happy Feet, the animated penguin adventure
Happy Feet is an animated musical with dance, singing, humor and delightful characters

Living with Ed - New Green Living Show with Ed Begley
“Living with Ed” Sundays 10pm e/p. Catch a sneak peek, Monday, Jan. 1, right after the Rose Parade!

Colorado Environmental Film Festival
CAEE's debuts the Colorado Environmental Film Festival includes local and national feature length and short films for all ages, thought-provoking dialogue, a VIP reception, a childrens' film room, and information from a variety of environmental groups

Surf's Up -- Another Penguin Clan Movie that's Cute As a Button!
Surfs Up movie for children

Caught In the Headlights -- Wildlife and America's Car Culture
CAUGHT IN THE HEADLIGHTS is a quirky, informative exploration of automobile culture.

Submit Your Ocean Film for Distribution and Web Viewing
Ocean film and video distribution, promotion and online publishing from

Sundance Channel goes green
Sundance joins the green movement with the new series "It's Not Easy Being Green"

Re-engaging Boys in Learning -- There's an Epidemic Brewing
Boys face overwhelming odds in mental health, physical health and educational achievement because of the policies we are putting in place in schools, culture and homes. They are trying to get our attention... do you have a minute?

Natural Heroes is Indie Series of Environmental Films Released Through PBS
Environmental indie film series is award winning and the first such indie series. Filmmakers are encouraged to apply. Seeks Green Videos, the leader in online green television that allows people to watch, upload and share green videos

Discovery Studios Develops original content for Planet Green and other Discovery media
Discovery Studios is the recently-created division of Discovery Communications charged with developing and producing original series, specials, theatrical documentaries and short form content for Discovery’s television networks.

First Novel & First Screenplay -- Behind the Scenes with Carolyn Allen
"Music Magic" is an indie's dream! Teens with musical and family heart meet religion and killer bees head on!

Resources for Children's Movie & Media Ratings
Movie ratings for television, digital content and film.

Huggable Heros build community and promote entertainment
Recognizing children and teenagers who make a difference in their communities!

The Education Arcade
The Education Arcade is an industry consortium begun in 2003 to research and collaborate on how educational games in the classroom can be developed and used effectively.

Cinderella is Sprinkled with Pixie Dust!
Buena Vista is pulling out the plastic stops for their launch of "Cinderella" with 250 new movie-themed products!

Fantastic Four, a Mama's Input
I have to admit here that my son worked on the post production of "The Fantastic Four", so of course, I'm a bit biased.

MacDonald's Happy Meals and Mighty Kids Meals to Feature 16 Breeds of Plush Pets
Happy Meals and Mighty Kids Meals to Feature 16 Breeds of Plush Pets at Participating McDonald's Restaurants Nationwide

LeapFrog News and Marketing Insights
LeapFrog Enterprises is a leading vendor of technology-based learning products, is an active supporter of the industry events

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