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Do you hold screenings? Or Game Tests? Or casting calls? Or group meetings? offers free and low-cost promotion tools for indie production and promotion.

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Free basic services with affordable event registration ... for revenue-generating events!

Host a Successful Screening.

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Industry Marketing Services That Support Successful Idea Businesses

Corporate Assets Plan -- Identify elements in your company and intellectual property that can build the worth of your company. A fresh eye can help identify hidden potential for series, merchandising, and positioning.

Custom Research and Analysis -- A team of marketing professionals provide on-line research, as well as focus groups, phone interviews and surveys to solidify your marketing strategy.

Movie projects can be aborted before they reach the marketplace -- or they can become a valuable longterm asset in your library of films. The difference is created in your marketing strategy.

Planning "lifespan marketability" into your project from day one lengthens the revenue lifespan of a movie, documentary or educational project. Here are a few tips to help you take advantage of "lifespan marketing."

By developing the script with "evergreen" content that is tied to trends
vs. news events or fads, the product lifespan will lengthen.

By selectively choosing compatible genres and niche markets that have enduring interest,
the lifespan will not only lengthen, but broaden.

By staging product development and launches to include new releases,
updates and collectors' editions, you can build your business with golden bricks.

Merchandising has become not only an artform, but a science in the world of motion picture marketing. Independent producers and development companies can learn from these profitable marketing strategies and scale their efforts to the potential of each product.

The right marketing team for your idea company helps their clients plan ahead, identify trends and market demand, and create strategies to build momentum. They help you research, prioritize and put projects together to maximize marketability of products, services and intellectual property value.

If you have a question about "idea marketing", call us to discuss how project strategy and implementation can forge your pathway to greater profitability and sustainability: 310-827-2510.


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