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Film's Digital Future is Green | Green!

The digital age has proven to be a challenge to all industries, including film. Right? Right!

However, as compared to other content-driven industries (like music and print), the box office has fared relatively well over the past years.

According to the Motion Picture Association of America, North American box office revenues reached $10.6 billion in 2009, up 10.1% over 2008, and up 20.3% over five years ago.

MediaPost analysis reports that, "As advanced as home theatre technology has become, the cinema experience is something that only multimillion-dollar multiplexes can currently provide. Maintaining an innovative edge in terms of content delivery and production technology has been key to the industry's preservation."

Greening Film Industry Operations

For an industry whose carbon footprint is equal to the hospitality industry, the move from traditional film reels to digital is not trivial.

For almost 100 years the only way movies made it from Hollywood back to the studio, to another movie theater and then back to the studio again was via plane, train and truck. Not to mention the thousands of gallons of chemicals required to manufacture the film.

Despite all fears related to digital, film industry analysts believe that growth will depend largely on increased digital adoption in countries like India -- currently the largest producer of feature films in the world with over double the number of films produced as in the U.S.

Eliminating barriers to distribution is seen by experts as the way of the future.

Having watched an overnight implosion of some content industries in the digital age, you might think that moving to digital technology for distribution and display purposes would threaten the film industry. In fact, though, digitization is being adopted at an astronomic scale, and could be the key to its future expansion worldwide.

There might actually be a few billion people in remote communities who have never seen a movie!

Presently, satellite delivery networks facilitate the majority of digital distribution for film. According to Brett Marks of Cinedigm, "10 - 15% of movie deliveries are made via satellite and this percentage is rapidly growing in tandem with the growth of digital cinema."

SOURCE: MediaPost, "Green: Film" Article by Brad Stewart, social philosopher, entrepreneur, President (Adjoy Inc.), "For an industry whose carbon footprint is equal to the hospitality industry, the move from traditional film reels to digital is not trivial."

EDITOR's NOTE: Green (and even more profound -- sustainability) is about re-engineering your supply chain, your message, your operations, and your distribution. Green business is about doing that revamp in ways that are smarter, cleaner, more productive and meaningful for your team, your customers, and beneficial for our shared communities. It IS possible. It takes thought, knowledge and teamwork along your entire supply chain.

And it is being done by your most formidable competitors... so you might want to think through how digital tools and methods, cutting waste, renewable energy, and improving the value of your message can strengthen your long term sustainability as a competitive company!

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