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Movie Trailer Mashup Resources

Mashable movie trailers are all the rage. These short works of art are re-cut trailers, or retrailers that create a fan-based parody trailer for a movie by mashing together scenes and audio from two different movies -- frequently bizarre, unexpected couplings -- like "The Shining" and a romantic comedy. These shorts become their own storytelling genre.

*Spoiler warning*. If you haven't seen Logan's Run or Zardoz, this will spoil it for you.

Cobbled together from those two movies, plus stills and an audio clip from a certain Chuck Heston movie. I couldn't quite get the "Bill & Ted" vibe to gel, even when I tried putting the wheedily-deedily guitar shredding sound over the Zardoz Eternals fluttering their jazz-hands. SEE on YouTube -- embed is denied

Movie Trailers Recut

Shining (romantic comedy) -- The trailer that started it all. Stanley Kubrick's 1980 horror film starring Jack Nicholson and Shelley Duvall becomes a feel-good movie about a writer struggling to find his muse and a boy lonely for a father.

This mashup won the AICE (Association of Independent Creative Editors) Trailer Park competition in New York 2005, and became an Internet phenomenon.

Trailer Mashup Websites

You'll find a variety of websites dedicated to mashup viewing. And a few that help you get creative with content and editing.

Here are some of the web resources available:





    Making a Mashup

    Sims 3 allows you to make a "movie mashup" from the game itself. Great way to learn creative techniques and get started with mashup art.

    This is a preview of the all new Sims 3 movie mashup tool.

    Grandma Sue Makes a Mashup

    I love this demo! There's a new frontier for the Boomers! While Sue demos a musical mashup...heh...why not take your inspiration where you can get it? Love the high caffeine drink sponsor :-)!

    Indie Promotion Strategy with Mashups

    The studios and distributors are welcoming mashups because they take advantage of viral marketing, social media... and encourage longer product life for their products. And more enthusiastic fans. How can you beat that with a stick!

    Indie producers could use the same strategy to create not only longer term visibility... but first round promotional trailers -- why not invite your buddies, neighbors, local high school film club, and your social media circles to create a mashup or trailer? Make it a contest and provide the winner with $100 or a pizza -- which ever your budget allows.

    Make it easy for them!

    Provide raw clips in the digital format dejour that will make it easy for your circle of creative budds to easily import and export clips. Make a webpage that shows ALL the clips after they have been uploaded to your favorite hosting service such as YouTube.

    And don't forget to RECOGNIZE and THANK your creative supporters! Email them. Blog it. Tweet it. Thank them in your movie. And thank them at your launch and preview parties. Create a trophy from one of the props from your production... Create a plaque or framed certificate for participation -- the more the merrier!

    Hold a summery evening preview party to show all the trailers ... and finish with the grant finale, your very own film!

    And don't forget that can help you invite all your folks to your events...from production meetings to the final screening...or annual mashup marathon!

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