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A Directory of 3D Supply Chain Companies for Virtual Worlds

Altadyn 3DXplorer is launched as the first online tools for design and visualization of real-time 3D immersive websites and applications that do not require any prior installation by the visitors.

Animax Entertainment Animax Entertainment was founded in 2001 by Emmy winning writer-producer-actor Dave Thomas and by Andrew Bain, Animax has helped clients across many industries engage their audience from online to TV to mobile to toys using creative, strategic thinking backed up by tech cred and an extra large funny bone.

Avatar Reality Avatar Reality was founded in December of 2006 by interactive entertainment visionaries Henk Rogers and Kazuyuki Hashimoto to create a next-generation virtual world platform, Blue Mars, offerng higher levels of interactivity, fidelity, and scale. The Blue Mars platform scales to support thousands of simultaneous users per region along with state of the art graphics, gameplay, and social engagement.

Chobots - Vayersoft Beyond the creation of a virtual world is only the first step is the work of launching, maintenance and development. Vayersoft creates four types of 3D applications.

Code4Software Code4Software is code-base runs AdSoft, the largest centrally controlled advertising network in Second Life®.

Dinokids - Avocado Entertainment Avocado Entertainment was established in Feb. 2006 by veteran online gaming product managers, web programmers and designers from Yahoo! Korea.

Engineering & Computer Simulations ECS creates high impact solutions to improve training and education across the spectrum of corporate, academic and military training domains.

Forterra Forterra Systems provides virtual world software that enable our customers and partners to create their own secure and scalable collaborative 3D Internet solutions.

Frima Studios Product design and development for 2D and 3D animation, software development services for video game publishers, mobile phone entertainment, e-commerce and television

Habbo Habbo is the largest virtual world and online community for teenagers, built on social interaction, having fun, self-expression and creative experiences.

HeroEngine (Simutronics) HeroEngine is an MMO development engine built by Simutronics, experienced online game developer, HeroEngine gives a development team the tools to build games faster.

IBM IBM helpa interactive entertainment and virtual world companies build profitable businesses with a full range of solutions — including hardware, software and service offerings.

Icarus Studios Icarus Studios provides next generation technology, tools and production services enabling publishers and marketers to develop immersive environments to create new revenue streams and branding opportunities.

iLemon iLEMON is an interactive entertainment company developing online communities and games based on its advanced Flash-based platform using browser-based technology to develop 2D and 3D virtual worlds for niche interests with broad appeal like online gaming, music, comics and education for media, entertainment and online companies globally.

Linden Lab Linden Lab was founded in 1999 by Philip Rosedale to create a new form of shared experience known as Second Life®, a 3D virtual world created by its Residents with entertainment, experiences, and opportunity.

Makena Technologies Entrepreneur Michael Wilson founded Makena Technologies in 2005. "There" is an online getaway where you can hang out with friends in a 3D environment to explore!

MASA Group Decisional AI engine - DirectIA provides human behavior modeling for simulation technologies. While users’ expectations rise, new technologies must be developed and validated to enrich virtual environments with realistic human behaviour.

Metaverse MOD Squad Avatar Staffing, Community Management, Brand Protection, Events, Child Safety, Moderation and customer support solution for virtual worlds, MMOs and traditional online communities.

Millions of Us Millions of Us is a pioneer and recognized leader in creating immersive brand marketing through virtual worlds, multiplayer online games, and social media.

MonkeyByte MBD offers deep multimedia experiences, 3D edutainment, and a bevy of web hosting services as well as database and dynamic web application creation and delivery.

Movie Industry Marketing Edutainment marketing information website on how to market movies, documentaries and games with strategic content, promotion & sales strategy.

Multiverse Multiverse provides developers with a comprehensive, pre-coded client-server infrastructure and tools, a wide range of free content--including a complete game for modification--and a built-in market of consumers.

Mycosm Mycosm is a beta stage 3D MMOG intended to provide free access to game producers based on a commission business model. It is product of Simmersion Holdings Pty Limited, an experienced 3D software and services company best known for the accurate realtime simulation solution Simurban.

ngi group, inc 3Di stands for three-dimensional Internet. The current phenomenon of the 3D Internet is attracting global attention as the next generation media system.

NICTA Badumna is a advanced network engine designed for virtual worlds and massively multiplayer online (MMO) applications. The highly scalable and cost effective platform utilises a peer-to-peer network to support millions of users with very minimal infrastructure.

Novamente Novamente supplies software products and services to power intelligent virtual agents for virtual worlds, computer games, and simulations.

Parature provides on-demand customer service software, making it possible for to leverage the Internet to serve, support, retain, engage with and maximize the value of every customer. The software-as-a-service (SaaS) delivery and integrated design enables organizations to get up and running quickly.

Pay By Cash The Ultimate Game Card™, powered by™ is the easiest way to pay for over 200 online games with one online game card you can use to purchase premium content in your favorite online game.

Proton Media ProtoSphere's 3D virtual world system can give you the advantage you need in meetings and educatioin.

Qwaq Qwaq's unique vPresence™ technology securely combines VOIP, chat, and video with a robust virtual application command center

ShanghaiPop Shanghai Pop is an animation studio with brick and mortar offices located in Shanghai, Miami and Los Angeles. You will enjoy the advantages of outsourcing with the additional benefit of working closely with a Producer and creative team

Soft Kinetic Softkinetic anticipated the availability of such 3D depth sensing cameras and is today the leading provider of 3D gesture recognition solutions for building immersive, transparent and intuitive interfaces and game plays. Standard 3D real-time gesture recognition platform.

Spin AG - Freggers - a new browser based virtual world for teens. Freggers is rendered in high resolution 3D. The detailed settings offer atmospheric sound effects and a smooth day and night cycle.

The Electric Sheep Company The Electric Sheep Company creates Web-enabled social and virtual world experiences through strategy, design, production, and technology. WebFlock is an application for private-labeled, Web-based virtual experiences. It provides a visually immersive environment for social interaction, media consumption and game play.

Turbo Squid The largest library of 3D products for sale in the world. A clearinghouse for digital artists to make money selling their content. Our goal is to revolutionize the way that 3D products are bought, sold and delivered by creating a new and focused digital marketplace designed to offer large selections of affordable products while providing maximum returns to intellectual property owners.

UnReal Designs Second Life player and corporate builds

Vastpark VastPark offers a complete virtual world/immersive application design environment. The VastPark open source platform enables you to build multiuser virtual worlds online and immersive media applications that can run online, offline and behind a firewall. The platform includes a set of technologies and tools that create the equivalent of the Web and enable you to create and run immersive virtual worlds & interactive social media events. Virtual world framework that provides free software tools, APIs and open source libraries so you can deploy (and even monetize) your own virtual worlds and add ons for all kinds of organizations and purposes.

Virtual Job Candy Virtual World Services to job seekers and employers for 3D animation employers and seekers. .

Weblin Weblin makes you and others on the Web visible as small avatars. Weblin opens a new and exciting world on every web site.

Yogurt Technologies Yogurtistan will be based on Yogurt3D engine. Furthermore, it is a new 3D Flash engine that works inside your browser via Adobe Flash Player. Yogurt3D’s core part, SwiftGL, is open-source and compatible with OpenGL to develop 3D Flash games and applications. Old OpenGL codes can be converted into SwiftGL and run their existing games in Adobe Flash.”

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