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Overview of Indie Film, Video and Corporate Marketing Services

Marketing services are provided for producers, distributors and content developers. Each phase of the project benefits from experienced marketing strategy.

A word to the wise, few people can provide more conscientious service in the film, video and corporate niches than the entrepreneur him/herself. Have a hard-nosed discussions about your project or corporate marketing needs...with yourself first. Use lots of paper and pens -- then check your wisdom out on reality. Test it. Refine it. Test it. You get the picture.

Try these strategies for yourself. You'll be amazed what you can come up with! Necessity is the mother of invention! If you still need on a few of these resources...and find people who have some experience in your particular genre.


Screenplay Marketability Report -- Identify elements in your script that define your niche markets, product placements, distribution channels, and merchandising opportunities. A custom report identifies your genres, niche markets, and distribution channels to as many as top 3 niche markets.

Movie Marketing Plan -- Add punch to your business plan with a strategic overview of your marketing potential and an implementation plan that will guide your in-house or outsourced implementation.

Custom Research and Analysis -- Marketing professionals provide on-line research, as well as phone interviews and surveys to focus your marketing strategy.


Movie Distribution Plan -- Add punch to your business plan with a strategic overview of your distribution potential and an implementation plan that will guide your in-house or outsourced implementation. By planning for the many niches served by specialized distributors, you can save money during production and extend the life of your products.

Custom Research and Analysis -- Your team of marketing professionals can provide on-line research, phone interviews and surveys to focus your marketing strategy.


Movie Marketing Communications Plan -- Add punch to your production design and budget with product placements and co-promotional strategy. Refine unit photography and unit publicity plans to maximize cost savings and behind the scenes extras for future use in products and communications. This research can help identify location, product and tie-in opportunities and make specific recommendations for your project.

Merchandising Plan -- The merchandising plan will identify ways to "sell your sketches" -- by turning your raw content into multiple products and profit centers for your company.


Unit Photography/Production Stills -- On-set photography captures images that will be needed for media, posters, your web site, merchandising and historical collectibles. Quality photography taken on-set saves you make-do photography costs, is a requirement for distribution, and adds opportunities for additional profit center products.

Unit Publicity PLUS -- On-set promotional opportunities abound not only for the media, but for potential distributors. With planning and delegation, you can add production value to your package during down times on-set.

Custom Research and Analysis -- A team of marketing professionals provide on-line research, as well as phone interviews and surveys to focus your marketing strategy.


Project Marketability Report -- Identify and review elements in your distribution deals that allow you to market to additional niche markets and promote your film through retail channels. A brief report will remind you of ways you can create pull-through using low-cost promotional technqiues....just when you get tired and discouraged...pull up your report and new energy will pulse through every fiber of your being! (You mean you read this far? Wow -- you're'll make it!)

Producer's Marcom Package -- Distributors require marketing communications support for sales efforts. Producers can be responsible for providing photographic images, posters, packaging and trailers. These materials can sometimes be provided in a professional and timely manner when you employ some professional or at least semi-professional help. Not a rank amateur...unless your movie is a rank amateur project!

Online Marketing Package -- Add 24/7 impact to your marketing strategy that will guide your in-house or outsourced implementation. The savvy filmmaker learns to craft online marketing strategy, Web site design and implementation, and e-mail campaigns with the best of them. Just remember to test it, test it, test it...and test it some more! That's testing it each time of just a few people ... not everybody you know on the face of the earth!


Opening Week Marketing Report -- Identify elements in your movie that will appeal to your niche markets. You know -- genre stuff, hobby group stuff, religious groups, local communities...watering holes where people gather. A report paints a picture of your genres, niche markets, and distribution channels so that you can develop messages ( have to write messages specifically to each of those groups...I mean you GET TO write nice little love notes to all these wonderful communities of your future fans!)... that tap into early viewers, home viewers and specialty markets.

Movie Marketing Plan -- If you don't have distribution in place (... what's your problem?), there are ways to self-distribute. A comprehensive movie marketing plan will help you choose the right launch strategy, festival strategy, and effective platform release, as well as maximize your marketing before, during and after festivals. And when you do all this...and make a half way decent movie, the distributors will fall out of their chairs!

Custom Research and Analysis -- Does your team of marketing professionals provide on-line research, phone interviews and surveys to focus your marketing strategy? If not, you're not providing them with enough pizza!


Corporate Assets Plan -- Think like a "PRESIDENT!" Identify elements in your company and intellectual property that can build the worth of your company. A presidential report brings a fresh eye to your operations and helps you identify hidden potential for series, merchandising, and positioning in and beyond the entertainment industry. That's meglamania at its best!

Strategic Focus -- Throw a half- or full-day workshop for your key creative and marketing team to help develop a marketing mentality and enhance the value of all your projects. And don't forget the pizza...I already told you that!

Custom Research and Analysis -- Once again, do a little on-line research, phone interviews and surveys to focus your marketing strategy.

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