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Metanomics Multimedia Archives

Want to learn online about multimedia innovation?

Try Metanomics with their archive that is growing beyond 60 shows.

One video example is "Av-Culturation" by anthropologists Tom Boellstorff and Celia Pearcem about new methods and theories on human relationships in virtual worlds. Learn how the traditional practice of ethnography is being adapted to the study of online immersive environments and how virtual worlds shape identities, economics, communities and societies.

Metanomics is a Second Life event site by Cornell University-Johnson School and Remedy. Open Sim is an open source platform grid.

Reaction Grid by Robin Gombnoy and her husband is an open source based metaverse that uses the Open Sim platform, Open Source under the Berkeley Software License. Over 100 sims are on the platform for education and K-12, collaboration and process sharing, and a large developer platform.

Reaction Grid

Reaction Grid is different than Second Life in the level of interaction and likeminded sections of the map to develop comraderia among. $25/month or private grid is $75 a month that offers privacy and self-government. Hyper gridding to keep data private is also possible -- bringing an avatar to another grid intact. It does not have economic tools within the world. It has an economy connected to clients' own website to cope with Immersive Education's requirements, with standardized training material guides.

Tools to shape behaviors include PG rating, software tools by members of the community, and experience and leadership to create and foster trust.

Gridizenship is a set of standards to make it foster good relationships in the virtual world. Privacy. Respect meeting spaces. Remember early learning curves.

ThinkBalm Innovtion

Members use their real name to engender trust and real world identity. Meetings use 3D tools for messages without words. Can teach best practices for businesses without traditional lectures.

Cross Grid Events

TechNet class in two in Hypoviewer and TechNet for Live Meeting to show real world use in HyperV. Microsoft is researching more application details about multi-world interactions.

NOTES from the interview with Tom and Celia

American Anthropologist editor Tom Bukowski, U of California, Irvine

Celia Pearce, Georgia Institute of Technology, Interactive media game designer and artist with clients such as Turner Broadcasting and Disney and Legoland.

Celia Teaches interactive game design, and is exploring development of games for girls and women.

Tom wrote "A Ludicrous Discipline" the three futures of game studies include game cultures, the cultures of gaming and the gaming of cultures.

Second Life is a space of play -- it doesn't have physical world consequences. But if you sell something in Second Life it an have consequences in the physical world.

Artemesia Sandgrain in SL - Celia Pearce

Baby Boomers

Celia studied Baby Boomers in virtual worlds forums: Game Boomers, the Older Gamers. Found that Boomers are pretty hard core, playing games to supplant TV watching with gaming. Adventure games are very popular because they started playing in the 80s and 90s, don't hang around with certain groups that have a lot of trash talking -- they want a more refined social ethos. Discourse style. All were active in communities even in single player. Second most popular activity is helping new players. Leapfrog effect - younger Boomers were not playing with their kids. Use a PC (98%) even when a console is in the house -- it's for the kids. Older Boomers often play with grandchildren. The WII was heavily marketed to Boomers, and Nintendo was first exhibitor at AARP conference.

URU was the first and only multiplayer game in Myst, and was shut down. Exiles of this world, URU players were traumatized and moved into Second Life, or Brought URU culture with them and called themselves as refugees, or diaspora. Created derivative artifacts to copy and adopt culture into the new place - inculturation, or transculturation. They moved 7 times because of very similar large refugee populations face in the physical world. They finally settled on an island.

"Communities of Play: Emergent Cultures in Multiplayer Games and Virtual Worlds" by Celia Pearce.

Research Methodology

Things are changing...spend the time to find really good questions, issues to look at -- that's what's needed to find valuable solutions. What is really going on? What are the best questions to ask?

Glossary Terms:
Physical world vs. real world
Alt avatars
Space of play
Screen name

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