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Movies and video production are moving to more interactive formats and opportunities such as online interactivity, video games...and now, "Serious Games" for change, education and even job training. We'll delve into how games can be productively used with video, animation and scripting opportunities.

FUEL, Indie Marketed Documentary with Grassroots Support
Grassroots marketing of indie documentaries mixes well with social media marketing and promotion strategies.

Serious Games for Job Training
MITRE Corporation developed "Job of Honor," an interactive 3D video game for job applicants

Google Android Game Garden
Tour of Google Android ADC Demo - Game Garden

Ideas for User Generated Game Content
Storytelling is in our bones! And gameplay is today's equivalent of hunting party experience that turns into tales shared around the communal campfire. Let's tap that creativity in user generated game content!

Four Major Emerging Trends in Games For Health
Games for Health national conference

PopCap Games and Host Hotels Use Games for Employees
Games are being used to train employees and attract job applicants.

Corporate Games for Training and Education
Corporate games are developed to train and educate technicians as well as leaders in business strategies

IBM Virtual Business Center Launch Video with Gamer
IBM Virtual Business Center Launches game to show IT system purchase

Serious Games are Fun and Productive for Seniors
It's time to tap the Boomer generation for some fun online and on-game.

A Directory of 3D Supply Chain Companies for Virtual Worlds
A growing directory of 3D virtual world platforms, tools, programmers, avatars, etc.

Salman Rushdie Muses about Video Games and the Future of Storytelling
Storytelling is the ancient form of game theory. People are storytellers at heart -- but where is game-based storytelling headed?

IBM uses Innov8 serious games to help clients learn IT skills.
IBM uses serious games to educate students on new information technology (IT) skills

Blade Games Outsourcing Service Availalble for Indy as well as Major Game Developers
Blade Games combines game development systems and outsourcing services to empower game makers of all levels to bring their ideas to life.

Apple iPhone vs Google Android
Compare Apple iPhone to Google Android mobile platforms

Defining Games and Simulations
The ASTD defines games and simulations...

The Birth of ARG - Alternate Reality Gaming
New game genre to be used for education, nontprofit and promotional outreach is the ARG - Alternate Reality Game

How Adults Learn -- with Games That Matter to Them!
Learning guidelines for adult simulations and games.

Game Theorists to Research
The Department of Defense has used serious games and simulations longer than most market sectors. Here is a list of their priority gaming theories.

IBM Innov8 for Business Simulations trailer
IBM's INNOV8 is an interactive, 3-D business simulator designed to teach the fundamentals of business process management

Create-A-Scape for Mobile PDA Learning Adventures
Create-A-Scape for Mobile PDA Learning Adventures

Adventure Author for Classroom Game Design
Adventure Author is a game-authoring tool designed to support interactive storytelling skills through the use of game technologies.

IndieCade Festivals for Indie Game Producers
IndieCade 2009 for independent gamemakers from around the world.

Teaching with Games research results in the classroom
Key findings of Gaming research in the classroom that affect successful learning and teaching effectiveness

Fun vs. Entertainment in Gaming
Maturation of gaming in broadening the genres that are possible and acceptible...and creative.

Metanomics Multimedia Archives
Metanomics is a

Games for Change Festival, May 27 - 29, New York City
Games for Change is a conference and workshops for game designers and advocates for a better world.

Soul of the New Machinr conference reports on new media with serious messages
"The Soul of the New Machine" is a conference hosted by University of California- Berkeley to showcase how technology and new media are being used to promote justice and human rights around the world.

ElderGames to Stimulate Aging Mental Skills
The ElderGames play platform and suite of games meet skill building objectives and provide an opportunity to have a good time.

2009 Game Development Scholarship Honoring Dr. Randy Pausch
Dr. Pausch inspired the game developers with his pursuits in human-computer interaction and design...and his spirit.

Serious Game Production Methods for Online Success
Designing serious games starts with a team, works its way through the right production strategies, and the proving grounds of the players who purchase the games and play them with enthusiasm and discretion!

Serious Game Funding Options
Funding is a constant in the world of game development, and serious gaming faces an added responsibility to balance good ethics with good educational or outreach missions.

Play FloodSim Online to Learn About Flood Prevention
Make flood prevention decisions...spread the money around the country. Learn which flooding strategies are available and how you can do a better job of selecting where you live!

Engage and Virtual Goods Conference, Sept 23-24, San Jose
It's possible to create virtual worlds -- but the challenge is how to make them sustainable businesses. Learn how...

Virtual Worlds Conference and Expo - 2008, Los Angeles
Virtual Worlds conference covers the major brands' role in 3D and virtual worlds

3D Leadership
Find the leaders! People and 3D companies, as well as early sponsors who share their knowledge through industry events are often the leaders who will be creating the new 3D industry.

Augmented Reality Marries Magazine Cover, Webpage and Webcam for Hologram Experience
Popular Science and GE team up to bring holograms to your Web screen. Just add "ecomagination"!

The gender-balanced world of Alternate Reality Gaming
ARGs are what happen when you take game interactivity to the next level.

The gender-balanced world of Alternate Reality Gaming
ARGs are what happen when you take game interactivity to the next level.

Serious Game for Sales Cycle Management.
A web-based serious game by PIXELearning designed to teach people about sales cycle management.

Evoke is a 10 week game that teaches real world skills
Evoke is a 10 week game that teaches real world skills

TED, Ideas Worth Spreading...about Gaming
Gaming insights with purpose and power for your real world.

EVOKE is a ten-week crash course in changing the world.
EVOKE an online social network game is to help empower young people all over the world, and especially young people in Africa, to come up with creative solutions to our most urgent social problems.

Game and Entertainment Software is a Career for the Future (and Present)
Entertainment software is one of the fastest growing industries in the U.S. economy.

The Business of the Brain Conference Video
The Business of the Brain bridges the gap between scientists who are creating digital information products and practitioners -- game designers and educators... and you.

2011 Engage Conference and Expo - NYC
2011 Engage Conference and Expo - NYC for social games, virtual worlds and MMO's, app development, mobile devices, digital monetization, location based services and mobile marketing as well as gamification.

Games Can Speed Recovery from Severe Head Injuries
Jane McGonigal overcame brain injury by creating a demon slaying game -- with real life super heroes! Serious gaming is serious recovery strategy. Break the cycle with SuperBetter to combat asthma, depression and other serious suffering.

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