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AECS Develops and Produces Family-Friendly Feature Films and Musical Artists

AEC Holdings Corp. has acquired Not By Sight Entertainment. The acquisition, in January, 2008, results in positioning AECS to join the entertainment industry where its focus will be on developing and producing family-friendly feature films and musical artists.

"Our joint vision," says NBSE President Brent Martz, "is to take the lucrative genre of family-friendly entertainment to a new level and in doing so, move away from the senseless violence, inappropriate language and sexual innuendo that drives today's so called 'family-friendly' film, television, music and stage productions."

"Together, we will strive to reintroduce to modern audiences the definition of the words 'family-friendly' that our parents and even grandparents would recall from years past," says NBSE Secretary Jon Van Dyke.

Van Dyke continued, "With an emphasis on the way a product is designed, produced and marketed, we will make every effort to be unique and exciting in order to fill the void of high-quality, entertaining and dynamic family-friendly entertainment that has diverse and moral family appeal. Our products will be marketed throughout the world through conventional and web-based distribution, with a specific focus on families of all ages."

AEC announced the Company's first family film will be based on the script, Scalawags, an original story co-written by Jon Van Dyke of AEC Holdings Corp. Scalawags is currently in pre-production.

Scalawags, a true family adventure story, is set on the coast and tells the tale of Miranda, a young girl sent to live with her eccentric Uncle Norville for the summer and uncovers a treasure map that not only provides adventure but could also help her uncle save his home and reputation.

AEC Holdings Corp., through their subsidiary, Not By Sight Entertainment, is looking forward to working with Showcase Entertainment as a co-producer and world wide distribution agent. For more information, visit

Darla Rodriguez

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