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Do you hold screenings? Or Game Tests? Or casting calls? Or group meetings? offers free and low-cost promotion tools for indie production and promotion.

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Social Networking On-Line for Entertainment Teams

Entertainment has become a largely "freelancers" industry over the past few decades and it can take a massive chunk of every professional's time to network and search for every new gig.

Phil and David Williams have solved the networking challenge with an on-line networking tool that connects actors and crew members of film, television and stage. These brothers faced the challenge and programmed a service based on the actual need in the field. is stepping into the freelance employment chasm with an online, robust matchmaking solution for actors and film crews.

With an extensive "Profile", you can match yourself and be matched for New Messages, New Friend Requests, New Referrals and Jobs. Your account helps track all your activities making the site a helpful hub of your professional networking activities.

But like any must use it on a regular basis to master it! Networking is an ongoing relationship building process. This is a hinge on your door to community that also requires a screwdriver and some screws...that sounds wrong....This is a toolbox in which you put your networking information!

"First of all, I would like to say that I'm extremely impressed with the site. I am always eager to find new ways of networking with talented people in the industry and this site is one of the best out there. Excellent job! The layout is great, the content is great, and there is enough information to paint a true picture of your background and talents." -Daniel Cotroneo, Director of Photography

"Seriously, however you define success in the Industry, be it to just do good work, to gain respect, recognition or you're after fame and fortune, ACTORSandCREW can help you on your way," states the founder, Phil Williams in the FAQ page.

Talent Can Discover and Be Discovered

You can contact any user through ACTORSandCREW e-mail and message center, instant messenger on-line chat or contact the user directly from their published contact information.

Seeking Talent?

"I find this service to be useful in a unique way; it is the first to address the actual needs of people working in the business. Actors and Crew goes right for what its members need to connect to jobs and each other, the actual skills and experiences which match the needs of those who need the talent. Why would a producer interview 200 people for a gig, when he can narrow his choice to just a few good, talented people in minutes?" - Don London, Television Writer

Casting: You can search for Talent by dozens of criteria from Height, Weight, Age, Ethnicity, and Union Membership, Look, Dialects and so on.

Production: You can search for Industry Professionals by dozens of criteria, including Occupation, Unions, Citizenship, State, Zip, Project Experience and much more!

Looking for Jobs?

Employment: from studio film jobs to television jobs to indie film jobs to student projects, submit yourself easily to hundreds of posted opportunities. Or, post job opportunities yourself!

Launched in 2008, the subscription site is quickly adding meaty roles to its Job Search. One quick search for items in my region resulted in gigs for:

  • Video Demo
  • Grip Truck Package
  • Crew (2)
  • Directing contest
  • Associate Producer (2)
  • Make-up Artist
  • Acting Insructor
  • Misc Roles
  • Script analysis
  • Christian Actors
  • Conferences...

    "Take a Video Tour" is a smart move. It is the quickest way to access the robust features in the eaiest ways. I tried it on my own...THEN watched the tour. What a waste of my time, even if it was fun to explore. The videos rock!

    Watch for Phil and David at tradeshows and short film festivals. They bring their message to the members of the entertainment community on a regular basis. "Our goal is to be the gold standard for entertainment employment", says Phil. "IMDB is great for credits, but their job board isn't very effective. Independents need centralized one-stop-shopping to grow their projects and their careers."

    With combined backgrounds in distribution in a major film studio and music, the brothers know the people who have the need -- and their need for a working "networking circle".

    The HD quality video is great for reel quality, the advanced search features provide in-depth personal and professional profiles for casting, costumes, ethnicity, weight, height, age, union, projects and credits. "We combine the best practices of casting with social networking," explains Phil. "Every item is hyperlinked and you'll see more talent than you can see anywhere else."

    The database is robust -- 500 vocation types help film, TV, and Theater projection projects with casting and crews.

    A small monthly hosting fee enables the brothers to continue developing the best platform possible and to become part of the community. With over 7,000 members in 80 countries, your dream team is just a search away!

    Phil Williams
    CEO/Founder 1701 Nichols Canyon Road, Suite 104
    Los Angeles, CA 90046

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