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Political Message for California CONTEST, DUE May 1, 2008

Do you have a political message for California...or know someone who does? This is an opportunity to be heard on TV with your 30-second message. DEADLINE, May 1, 2008

We're facing hard times in California. During the next few months, we will have to face an $8 billion shortfall between what we need and the funds to pay for those needs.

We can't borrow our way out of this problem, and yet year after year our governor and the Republicans in our state legislature steadfastly refuse to make their rich friends pay their fair share. Instead, they're willing to slash funding for public schools, for veterans, for the environment, and for health care and services to our kids, our seniors, and our disabled.

The Republicans have told us that tax loopholes for oil companies and yacht owners are more important than our kids, our seniors, our veterans. We don't believe that. That's why we're going to change the script this summer.

We're asking you to step forward and be heard.

Enter our Summer of Change video contest. Shoot a 30-second video with your message about what's at stake in this year's budget fight. Submit it by May 1, 2008, and you will have the opportunity to have your video aired on television.

Tell us what's at stake in this budget battle. Tell us why budget cuts that punish our children and steal their future are unacceptable. Tell us why we cannot and will not tolerate plans that abandon our seniors and veterans. Tell us how we can do better and share your ideas and your hopes for a better California. Tell us why we need change.

Submit your video by May 1, 2008, and we'll spread your message across California. And that's not all. Check our website to learn about other opportunities offered in this contest. Then get to work telling us why California needs solutions, not cuts.

We need budget solutions that serve the people of California, not just a handful of tycoons. To protect their corporate cronies, the Republicans are willing to cut:

$4.3 billion from our public schools

$1.1 billion from higher education

$4.6 billion from health and services to our kids, our seniors, our veterans, and our disabled

$86 million from the environment

These budget cuts would have catastrophic effects on our state. Yet the Republicans hold our budget hostage to their extremist ideology. We need to come together for real solutions. This summer, we are going to change business as usual.

Be a part of that change. You can have the opportunity to have your message broadcast on TV.

For full details, go to our website at and then get busy working on your video entry. Remember, the deadline is May 1 to send your message for change.

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