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Natural Heroes is Indie Series of Environmental Films Released Through PBS

"Natural Heroes" is the first national television series of independent films on the environment. The film series is aired on public broadcast television stations.

Natural Heroes focuses on people who are actively involved in improving their local communities and the global environment. Throughout 2007 Natural Heroes has gained national recognition but the producers have been so busy screening programs for inclusion in the upcoming season that they have hardly had time to celebrate the recent addition of an Emmy® Award to their pair of Tellys and a 2006 Insight Award.

In the upcoming third season, the 13 episodes will span the globe and approach a fascinating variety of topics with a wide range of perspectives; some of the fresh,creative approaches include topics related to sustainability, stewardship, conservation, and building a sense of community. "I describe the series as an ‘eco-film festival’ on television,” says Series Producer Valerie A. Landes of KRCB-TV, “and I love being able to share many independent producers’ unique stories and passions with a wide audience. Filmmakers get important messages out to viewers who may not otherwise be moved to act—and there are so many important stories to tell…”

  • Power Shift, hosted and narrated by Cameron Diaz, looks at how energy intersects with our daily existence and inspires us to consider incorporating renewable alternatives into our lives.
  • Traveling our Natural World combines a mesmerizing animated contemplation on the meaning of wilderness with an eco-tourism adventure in Costa Rica, while Texas
  • Gold provides a very personal profile of a gritty mother of five who uses hunger strikes and civil disobedience to battle the giants of the petro-chemical industry in the “most toxic place in America.”
  • South Central Farm: Oasis in a Concrete Desert documents celebrity activists (including Daryl Hannah, Joan Baez, Julia Butterfly Hill, Martin Sheen, and Willie Nelson) as they join everyday citizens in a high profile struggle over the fate of the largest urban garden in the country.
  • Coffee to Go: A Fair Trade Story explores how our lives and those of the world’s 25 million coffee workers are inextricably joined.
  • From coral reefs surrounding Papua New Guinea to urban compost piles in New York City, each episode of season three of Natural Heroes promises to motivate viewers to action on behalf of our environment.


GreenTreks Network, Inc. is an award-winning non profit communications organization dedicated to educating people about the interconnectedness of environmental, societal, economic, and individual health. GreenTreks fills a vital role on behalf of the environment: Communicating the power of the individual in creating meaningful change. GreenTreks' television programs have aired in all major markets in the country and been available in more than three-quarters of all American households with TVs. Our web community has grown continuously since our site launched and reached over one million visitors in 2005 — some from as far away as South Africa, India, and Japan. Our solution-based materials have been used by hundreds of schools and nature centers, civic groups, small business associations and succeed in touching audiences because of their personal, action-oriented approach.

About KRCB - Rural California Broadcasting Corporation

Rural California Broadcasting Corporation (KRCB), which serves the North Bay and San Francisco Bay area region, was founded in 1981, and first aired on television in 1984. It currently provides both television and radio programming. The mission of KRCB is "In order to encourage full participation in society and community, KRCB provides educational, informational and cultural telecommunication services in partnership with our community."

From 1985 through 1989 it was the only affiliate station in the PBS system producing and airing Spanish language only programming, outside of Puerto Rico. And they have often been the only station providing coverage of local and regional election results in their market.

Filmmakers - How To Submit a Film

If you're interested in the possibility of having your film packaged for broadcast and distributed to public television stations across the nation, here's what to do: Take a look at the Call For Entries to see if your film is right for the series. If it is, download the Entry Form and send us your film. Accepted works will be packaged for broadcast and distributed to public television stations across the nation. Questions about submissions, email or call 800-287-2722 x 2024.

800-287-2722 x 2024

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