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Visa Contest for Filmmakers: 'Life Takes' International Campaign

Visa USA is sponsoring an international competition for amateur filmmakers as part of its effort to extend its "Life Takes Visa" brand campaign

Visa has extended its "Life Takes" campaign since ads broke during the 2006 Olympic Games in Italy.

Visa USA plans to take its amateur filmmaker program into new consumer channels.

Visa is working with the 48 Hour Film Project (48HFP) for the "Life Takes" Invitational contest with a prize that gives the winner an audience with ad execs and a $10,000 prize. Visa will have rights to all the films entered and it could use them in future advertising or promotions, but has not announced plans to do so.

Visa and 48HFP will invite 30 filmmaking teams to create a short film that shows their interpretation of Visa's tag line, "Life Takes." Each team gets a $500 Visa gift card for expenses.

A panel of Visa execs and advertising and entertainment professionals will judge the entries in September 2007. The three top films will be showcased at an awards event in San Francisco. Second prize is $5,000; third prize is $2,500. Media agency OMD handles the invitational contest for Visa.

"Life Takes Visa" is Visa's first new tag line in 20 years.

I was about to pass on to you this fun contest...but I happened to read a blog about VISA and it's antics and thought better of it.

So the info is here if you need it, but you might also want to consider that VISA has some rather onerous policies about its payment schedules -- they keep getting shorter so they can charge exorbitant late fees. And their interest rates are close to usery rates...think 20%... And they apparently were strong supporters of the bankruptcy reform legislation that makes it harder for debt laden individuals to take bankruptcy to get out of their debt.

At the same time, they make having not only one credit card ever easier...but their member banks will make it easy for you to add a variety of additional credit cards. And start younger. And so forth...

So if you don't want to misinterpret "Life takes Visa" ... you might not want to enter this contest.

NOTE: As an aside, I discovered that if you add an automatic payment to your online VISA account of even $50 a can circumvent those late payment fees. Just make that payment at least TWO WEEKS before the bill is due so that glitches in the electronic system don't get you. And then don't forget to pay the entire bill...because the exorbitant interest charges make that $30+ late payment fee look miniscule!

And you might consider better ways to pay for your movie making hobby than maxing out your credit card!

Consider your options... :-)

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