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Regional Indie Film Communities Create Momentum

I recently received a newsletter from the indies in Oklahoma who hold an annual film festival and film symposium. I've followed this group for about a year because I used to live in Oklahoma and they feel like community...a fondly regarded extended family.

Looking at their newsletter reminded me of how important a support group is to creative professionals...and amateurs. And the complexity of filmmaking increases the value of collaborative exchange.

The number of independent filmmakers is rising as technological advances has helped to make high quality camera and editing equipment available to a wider and more diverse population. We hope to reflect the images of the young, old, female, male, as our community continues to grow beyond the boundaries of the United States.

Our philosophy is that we can all go farther in tandem rather than as solo acts. We do champion the indie Auteur who dares to wear many production hats, both creative and technical in order to get their movies made. BAMN! By Any Means Necessary! No Frills-No Waste!

Being a Filmpreneur can be a lonely venture, especially if there are no support groups available. Traditionalist instill fear into those who doubt that they can achieve their goals, therefore, there is a need for mentors and comrades. "Each one Reach up for assistance and then reach down to help someone up."

Positive thoughts are so fleeting, until sometimes negativity can take over an unprotected mind. ShIronbutterfly

Check out the Film-Biz in Oklahoma's Indiewood Reporter for an example of a thriving regional group that offers real value to the community of members and storytelling lovers.

The most powerful marketing tools to help you enhance your local community are:
  • Get together regularly (monthly and annually)
  • Use a newsletter to tell people-stories
  • Hold communal events
    • They set deadlines to spur productivity
    • They help people work together and get acquainted
    • They develop skills
    • They bring in new members
  • Go with the flow: select successful, traditional methods such as festivals or contests to keep your work simple.
  • Tell your story. Tell your story. Tell your story. :-) With joy! With your own media. With local media. One to one. One to many.
And when your local group finds nearby local groups, consider a regional conflab! The Mid-America Independent Film Professionals Association is the "World's Friendliest Film Festivals for the Best In Indie Filmmaking"

P.S. Slogans help...they're fun and memorable!

The basic benefit of working and playing and communing in a group is momentum. With momentum, your projects can move faster, broader, farther. With momentum, you grow, you spar, you succeed within your personal community first...and then expand to a larger community.

Local community rocks!

P.P.S. Use to help you promote your events -- from monthly meetings and committee meetings, to festivals, screenings and annual confabs! It's free and a really powerful community builder.

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