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Do I Know You...Do You Know Me?

Do I know you?

Who are you? What do you do? What is your latest project? Who will be interested in seeing your movie?

I'm just full of questions. But you probably haven't heard me ask those questions out loud. And you probably haven't heard many editors of any media ask such blatant questions. But they are an endless tape playing in our heads!

If you can answer those questions in an interesting're well on your way to getting my attention and getting media coverage for your project!

"ME" refers to your key list of contacts: editors, producers, distributors, etc....your 500 closest, friends / uh... business contacts.

The second step is actually TELLING ME your story! Through personalized e-mails. Through news releases. Through review copies. Through invitations to your get the drill. You gotta tell to sell!

Do you know me?

Sometimes it's more important who knows you than who you know...but to break through the clutter, you first need to know ME!

First...this particular editor, Carolyn Allen, doesn't do horror! Do you know what I AM interested in? No one can cover all genres...not even you! Every editor has specialties, whether by personal choice, space allotment, or focus of their media. Think of it like editing a movie. You have all those wonderful scenes...but you only have 90 minutes in which to tell your story. Something's gotta go!

So get to know your key, targeted editors (and contacts). Build a docier. And then make mailing list(s) of the best fit for you...and them. Some editors might want to know which movies are being shot. Others just want to know about the premiers. Me -- I want to know your marketing stories! Makes sense, right?

Here are my top selection criteria:

Documentaries, Family, Children, Enviroment, Educational, Green/Sustainability... and Marketing Techniques and Trends for all indie genres.

While I wish all indies the best...I can only handle the scope of my enterprise.

What are we doing together?

Do we talk? Do we see each other at conferences and trade shows? Do you invite me to speak? Do you ask me to review your movie? (Again, "me" refers to your key list of contacts: editors, producers, distributors, etc.)

While we want to believe we can conduct all our business over the easiest, most far reaching media ever invented -- the Internet -- we are gregarious animals. We like to meet face to face and do business face to face! Some like to party. Others like discussion. Others like dinner! Never forget that concept.

Face to face can also mean on the telephone. Through the mail. But tangible!

Digitalized business is usually conducted AFTER we have some face to face contact. It's just a human thing -- we trust our senses to help us know who to trust.

What do we get out of it?

Business is about exchange, about mutual benefit. Check your genetics and review the concept of barter. Apples and fish are exchanged for mutual benefit.

Business still works that way whether we recognize it or not. No media outlet can stay in business without advertising dollars coming in -- without your passing on the word about their great stories -- without getting quality news to publish.

No producer can stay in business without someone to help sneeze the word about their movie(s) -- without some mass distribution beyond what they can handle with their own telephone -- without venues in which to show their product. And without people paying to view their movies.

You get the picture.

When you have news. Share it. When you have money. Share it. When you have friends who need to know. Share it.

When we share, we all grow. Just as our earth is a pretty closed system...the movie industry is also a somewhat closed system in which we all thrive or sink together.


Get to know your key constituents. Media contacts. Production team. Distributors. Venue decision makers.

Don't bug us...just hold a quality business conversation with us over time.

Quarterly notes for updates, tips, what you've learned...etc.

News releases when you release something (give us some warning).

Read our publications and pass them on.

Give us feedback about what you like -- and we'll give you feedback about what we like. And we both will grow more of those good seeds!

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