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Connecting Actors and Filmmakers with Followthrough

Marketing is a business strategy that helps two or more parties get together for mutual benefit. This article is about actors connecting with gigs...and filmmakers can learn a lot about -- and benefit from -- effective marketing made available through the systematic marketing techniques of the Holdon Log systems highlighted in this article. Here's to getting together productively!

Going Indie?
That's a Wrap! Now What?

By Holdon Log, LLC

(Note: This article is Part Three of a Three Part Series. Please click here for Part One or Click here for Part Two.)

You hear the 1st A.D. say, “you're wrapped!”, or you take your final bow on stage. Either way, your performance in this production has come to an end.

Now what?

Give Yourself Some Credit!

Sure, you have submissions, auditions, classes and networking events calling for your attention...but before getting back to the daily routine in search of your next gig, update your resume.

Add your newest credit to your paper resume, your Web site (looking for some help with your Web site? Then visit or Stand Out Sites ) and anywhere else where your credits are listed online.

If you’ve got a page on, but cannot locate a listing for the project, then go ahead and add it to the “Other Works” area. Looking for an example? Then visit here to see Actor Kristina Hughes’ “Other Works” area:

This way, you know what still needs to be added to your front page and when your credits are added there, you can simply delete them from the “Other Works” section!

If you’ve just completed a job on Broadway, then visit the Internet Broadway Database ( ) and see #2 for submission details.

Please note it does take time for credits to appear and deletions to be accepted. Be patient, it’s worth it to keep the Industry informed about your bookings!

Promote Those Photos!

If you were given still photos from the production, now is also the time to post them on your Web site and in other online listings.

Grow Your Database!

Get out that Call Sheet that you asked for and head to your Contacts section of ActorTrack or any other address book/contact listing that you are keeping. In ActorTrack, you can associate a type (i.e. was this person a Director, Makeup Artist, another Actor?). You never know when you might want to contact these folks to alert them of the work you’ve booked, changes in your look or representation, air dates...or even let them know when other productions are hiring people who specialize in what they do!

Our Industry is one that heavily relies on referrals and recommendations so don’t be afraid to pay it forward! In the NOTES area, make a comment about the things you spoke about while working together, what they looked like, etc.

Maintain Your Connections!

While inputting their contact information, be sure to send them a postcard (need a good deal on postcards? Go here: or drop them an email. Always, include your contact information (i.e. your cell phone and email address) and let them know that you enjoyed working with them and that you hope to do so again. If you have any photos of them from the set or the show, be sure to include them.

Promote Yourself!

Now go ahead and surf through your other Industry Contacts as well as your support team (family, friends, alumni offices, etc.) in your ActorTrack (or other address book/contact listing) and send postcards or emails to tell them you’ve just wrapped such and such shoot or production. Feel free to mention who you worked with, what character you played, if the production might have a second run, go to festivals, have theatrical distribution, if it has a Web site that they can visit for updates, etc. Let your contacts know you’ll be keeping them updated, or maybe direct them to your Web site where you’ll post updates, a newsletter or blog of this projects’ progress, reviews and final outcome.

Got A Special Skill?

Then consider offering it to help with Post-Production. If you’ve worked on an Indie project and have some free time, why not offer up one of your Special Skills? This is great for giving yourself an opportunity to be more involved by working alongside some Industry pros behind the scenes that you might not normally get to meet. It might just earn you some extra money or an associate producer credit. Plus you’ll be gaining experience for when you want to produce your own film or play!

Are you good at:

  • Keeping and accurate list of up-to-date contact information for the cast and crew? Then why not offer to start a listing on, email out to the group project updates, use for invites to the Wrap-Party and Upcoming Screening.
  • Photoshop (or other photo editing/graphic work)? Then perhaps you can help with designing promo materials or the film poster.
  • Building Web sites? Maybe they are looking for someone to help develop and maintain a Web site for potential distributors, film festival administration and the general public to visit for news and information.
  • Collecting headshots, resumes and bios for the cast and crew to edit for the Web site? This is a great way to be in touch with other Industry folks and learn about new projects that they might be involved with that YOU might be right for!
  • Doing research for festival submission information? Then make yourself familiar with HoldOn Log's extensive listing for Global Festivals .

You’ve Been Recognized!

Speaking of festivals…if the project that you acted in was accepted into a festival, then feel free to offer to attend it, pass out promo materials and speak on a panel about your experience.

If you are using ActorTrack , don’t forget to log any Appearance Fees or Expense Reimbursement for your taxes in the “Income and Expenses” area. This is after all part of that project and you shouldn’t feel stressed to ask them to assist or cover your expenses.

Feel free to now reconnect with your Industry contacts and promote the continued success of this project. Postcard, send an email update, list this on your Web site, etc. From start to finish it is great to inform your contacts and other Industry people you want to work with how things are going and any special recognition you’ve gained.


No one will know that you would be willing to do more than just show up to act...if you’ve got Special Skills and an interest to get more involved, then make an offer! Especially if this is an Indie project and you worked for copy, credit, meals (and hopefully a paycheck). Wouldn’t it be nice to be considered for another project...with a bigger budget?!

It takes time to build relationships and it takes time to develop projects that get recognized and the green light, so do your best to be a professional and naturally you’ll be someone they want to recast and work with again.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this three part series on the Indie Actor! We’d love to hear your thoughts on how ActorNation, our FREE monthly newsletter has assisted you in your career!

Holdon Log, LLC is the leading provider of performer organizational logbooks and software for the performing community. For more information about Holdon Log please visit
© Holdon Log. All Rights Reserved.

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