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Do you hold screenings? Or Game Tests? Or casting calls? Or group meetings? offers free and low-cost promotion tools for indie production and promotion.

Send Production Notices
Build Team Profiles
Promote Screenings
Build Mailing List
Organize Your Groups
Social Networking
Powerful Buzz-maker!
Free basic services with affordable event registration ... for revenue-generating events!

Host a Successful Screening.

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Explore the 4Ps to discover the secret powers of P!

Marketing Clout for Independent Movies

You can't get there if you don't know where you're going!

Marketing helps you identify where you're going, and some options for getting there.

For example: if you have one burning story you want to tell the world, your strategy will be different than if you are a beginning producer who has a portfolio of a dozen stories you want to produce.

Marketing STRATEGY helps you identify your goal in business-terms so that you can be an artist during the critical creative process phases of your project and a business person when it comes to turning your idea into revenue.

Marketing PROMOTION helps you tell your business story as well as your content story.

Marketing SALES helps you strategize the money, exchange, barter, contracts, endless kinds of business processes!

We help you clarify your goal, your resources, and your options to get to your goal...and beyond.

Cliff and Carolyn Allen have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs in a variety of creative and technology fields through the process of "becoming presidential" to drive their own ship, create value, and get into the channel of their industry niche.

"We're practical, we believe the entrepreneur is the best person to sell their project when given clarity of the business process. And be believe that storytelling is at the heart of who we are as people...we want your stories to find their community."

We're NOT miracle workers or pushers. We don't steal material. We don't promise you the golden ring. We work hard with hard working professionals to help turn your work into a business enterprise worthy of your ongoing dedication.

We live in the heart of movieland...we are connected to the industry...but not bigtime players (to be quite honest)...but we have something special that many Hollywood types don't have. Honesty, hard work, broad business experience, and respect for you and your work.

If we can be of assistance, we would be happy to provide an initial consultation at no charge to help you see and experience the value we can add to your work.

Cliff and Carolyn Allen

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